20 Mode Xbox 360 Modchip

20 Modes - XBOX 360

  • 20 modes combinations
  • Fully Assembled
  • Pre-Programmed Speeds
  • Programmable Mode
  • 2 LEDs Indicator
  • Quick Mod ON/OFF
  • Quick modes access
  • Add-Remove Modes
  • Master Default Reset
  • JITTER Modes
  • COD5 XBOX Live

Platform XBOX 360 Wireless Controllers (CG-CG2)
Model 20 Modes - XMOD Modchip
Compatibility XBOX 360 CG-CG2 Boards (Not compatible with Matrix 1-2)
Tools Required Soldering Iron, Solder, Wire Cutter/Stripper, Torx T8 Screwdriver, 5/32 Drill Bit
Package includes XMOD Modchip Board with Soldered wires and Mode button

 Chip Compatibility How to identify your XBOX 360 Controller's board.
 Installation Tutorial Modchip Installation Tutorial on PDF format
 Installation Video
XMOD 20 mode Modchip - XBOX 360 - Installation Video
 User Guide Modchip User Guide on PDF format
 Demo Video
XMOD 20 mode Modchip - XBOX 360 - Demo Video
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Rapid Fire Modes

To change modes:
Press & hold the LEFT TRIGGER and TAP the MODE button to cycle through the 6 modes.
The 3rd Player LED will blink to indicate the mode you are in.
Once the mode has been activated, just TAP the MODE button to cycle through the different speeds.
The 4th Player LED will blink to indicate the speed you are in.

User Programmable Mode

This adjustable rapid fire mode gives you the freedom to easily make your own speed.
You can choose anywhere from 5sps - 35sps. In that range, there are 65 speeds to select from. You can slow down automatic weapons to pinpoint precision or even speed single shot weapons to unreal speeds.
The programmed speed will be kept on memory to work on: Regular Modes (mode 1), Akimbo-Mimic (mode 2) and Dual Triggers (mode 5).
Speed adjustments are made directly from the controller, no need to hook up to a computer to change the settings.
During the programming process, you can check the speed in real game by pressing the Right Trigger at any time, to see how your weapon responds to it.

Jitter Modes

JITTER MODE 1- REGULAR: Jitter mode allows you to work with many weapons that do not work with regular rapid fire. Works for the FAMAS,M16A4, M93, good for STRIKER, AA12, M1014 shotguns on MW2; M16, M14, FAMAS, FN FAL, G11, SPAS-12, HS10 & Pistols on BLACK OPS. With the Jitter mode the accuracy is decreased, due to limited ability to aim down the sights.
JITTER MODE 2 - AIM ASSISTED: Unlike any other JITTER kit in the market, we solved the aim problem and designed this mode to be more playable. In this mode, when you press the LEFT Trigger to aim down, the weapon will fire in regular rapid fire and automatically back to Jitter mode when the LEFT TRIGGER is released.
JITTER-FAST MODE: Once into JITTER mode, press & hold the MODE button for 3 sec. to activate/deactivate the JITTER-FAST MODE.
-Due the high speed and special signal needed for this feature, the controller tends to switch weapons when you release the Right Trigger, this is a normal behavior for this glitch. -The Jitter Glitch has been fixed in MW3/Ghost/Advanced Warfare so this mode (jitter) does not work in these but does work for all previous COD games.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - JITTER - DEMO VIDEO >>>

DROP SHOT with Rapid Fire

Now you can dodge bullets!
This automatic drop shot feature allows you to quickly lay down aim and fire with the click of the RIGHT TRIGGER.
When you come face to face with an opponent just press the RIGHT TRIGGER and you instantly lay on the floor as you shoot with rapid fire, when your opponent shoots over your head.
You will never need to remove your thumb off from the right thumb sticks to press the "B" button, so your aim will never be affected and this makes the difference between living and dying, giving you a massive advantage over other players. Just pushing the RT it will drops you all the way to the ground, aim and shoot, all in one action.
When you are aiming with the LEFT TRIGGER it will shoot with a REGULAR Rapid Fire, you will not drop. This allows you to aim and shoot from behind barriers.
This exclusive features will work with all Call of Duty games. Drop shot will only work with DEFAULT LAYOUT Buttons settings and you can still use your "B" button as normal. You can quickly activate/deactivate the AUTOMATIC DROP SHOT at any time.

DROP SHOT without Rapid Fire

This function is good to use with fully automatic weapons. (Rapid Fire OFF).
When you are aiming with the LT, you will not drop. This allows you to aim and shoot from behind barriers.

Akimbo-Mimic Mode

Tired of holding both, Left and Right Triggers for your akimbo pistols?
This mode solves your problem.
Put the controller into AKIMBO-MIMIC mode, pull the RIGHT TRIGGER ONLY and watch BOTH pistols fire.


This is not like any regular Dual Fire Kit. Unlike any other kit in the market with this AKIMBO-MIMIC modes you can use any primary weapon.
When you push the LEFT TRIGGER to aim down the sights, it will automatically shot with REGULAR RAPID FIRE and automatically go back to AKIMBO-MIMIC when the LEFT TRIGGER is released.


Just Hold down the mode button for 2 sec. to activate/deactivate the AKIMBO FAST JITTER.


You can use this mode with 2, 3, 4 or 5 round burst.

Burst Fire

This function allows you to adapt the Burst Fire to your favorite weapon to save ammo.
You can choose between 2, 3, 4 or 5 round burst.
The burst setting will be kept on memory to work on the AKIMBO-BURST (mode 2).

Dual Triggers Mode

With this mode, Rapid Fire can be controlled independently on LEFT and RIGHT TRIGGERS.
Great for Halo. 4 Dual Speeds: Slow, Medium, Fast and User Programmable.

COD 5 "World at War" Online

2 online compatible modes (SLOW-FAST) for Call of Duty "World at War". Not compatible with akimbo or burst functions.

Quick ON-OFF

There are two ways to turn the Rapid Fire OFF:
1-Hold down the LEFT TRIGGER and push the Mode Button for 2 sec.
2-Hold down the LEFT TRIGGER and push the "X" & "Y" buttons at the same time.

To turn the Rapid Fire ON: Hold down the LEFT TRIGGER and Tap the Mode Button.
No need to cycle through all the modes.

2 LEDs Indicators

This XMOD kit uses the 3rd and 4th player LEDs exclusively as a status indicator for a complete and easy look of the current functions.
Note that just the 1st & 2nd Player LEDs will flash when you SYNC or connect the controller with the XBOX 360 console.

Enable-Disable Modes Function

You can easily enable/disable any mode you don't use.
For example, if you don’t play COD5 and you don’t want to use the DUAL FIRE, you can program the controller to disable MODE 5 and MODE 6, in that way changing modes will cycle through modes 1, 2, 3 and 4 only, skipping modes 5 and 6.
No need to cycle through all the modes. You can disable/enable any mode at any time.

Factory Default Reset

You can restore factory default configuration by pressing some buttons.
It will clear all data and restore all settings to the factory default values.

  • ATTENTION : The 20 mode modchip will work on CG & CG2 XBOX 360 Wireless boards version ONLY. It is not compatible with MATRIX 1-2 XBOX controller's boards.
    Check your XBOX controller's version before ordering  

  • The modchip's installation requires soldering several wires to small confined spaces. We do not advise attempting this installation if you are a beginner at soldering.

  • Although this modchip is very fast, you are still limited by how fast the game allows a weapon to shoot. Please note that Rapid Fire will not work with all weapons. Shooting speed in some games are also limited in game by the weapon's rate of fire and animations.

  • Our XMOD mod chips are 100% tested before shipment. They will be shipped in sealed anti-static bag.

  • We can install this XMOD Rapid Fire Chip in your controller for you..!     Check our   Send-In-Installation Service

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